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PCI 3DS 1.0 quiz launched on Moodle platform

PCI 3DS 1.0 quiz is launched on Moodle platform. It comprised of a 21 randomized questions, multiple choice quiz. Based on PCI 3DS 1.0 standard requirements. A time limit of 25 minutes is given.

Try it now:

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PCI DSS v3.2 Quiz launched on Jambubatu PCI/ISO e-learning platform

The PCI DSS v3.2 quiz is launched on the Jambubatu platform.
Visit it here:

It is a 25-question multiple choice quiz with a 30 minutes time limit! Try it now!


ISO 9001:2015 Quiz launched on Moodle

A twenty quiz on ISO 9001:2015 is launched on Moodle platform. Try it out now:


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