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Key Management

This is a test quiz on Key Management. Handling asymmetric and symmetric cryptographic keys life-cycle from its generation, distribution, storage, loading, usage until destruction, covering events like compromise. Concepts like dual control and split knowledge, key lengths and expiry and key check values, usage and control of Hardware Security Module (HSM) will be covered.

The quiz features are as follows.

The test quiz is built on the Moodle platform. The target audience is key management, data generation, and data center personnel. There is a time limit of 20 minutes. The number of questions are 30 questions from the database, each time the system randomizes different questions to appear. The question format is True/False, multiple drop-down answer, multiple answer, and multiple choice answer.

Applicable standards will be:
a) PCI Card Production Logical Security Requirements v1.1
b) 3-D Secure Security Requirement Enrollment Server/Access Control Server v3.0
c) Visa Global Security for Secure Elements for Vendors and OTA Service Providers v1.0
d) MasterCard Security Requirements for Mobile Payment Provisioning Dec 2008

With an annual subscription, successful participants who achieved 75% or higher score in the quiz, will receive an electronic certificate.

A sample of the electronic certificate is shown as follows:

Sample Certificate

Sample screenshots of the quiz:

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4




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